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The “Easy Button” for Staffing Requisitions

Eliminate the administrative burdens of managing the recruitment process and reduce internal and contract staffing costs. Blackwell’s dedicated team will customize the MSP program to manage day-to-day staffing processes and staffing vendor alliances.

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We Focus On


Meeting Credentialing Requests


Track Candidate Submissions


Fill Scheduling Gaps


Validate Vendor Competency


Negotiate Candidate Rates



With active healthcare search firms, you can be confident our system will be able to provide solutions to any staffing challenge. 

We take care of the entire process from start to finish.


    Receiving Staffing Orders


    Distributing requests to staffing vendors


    Vetting candidates




    On-boarding and invoicing

    We Know Staffing Agencies So You Don’t Have To.

    We also know that you already pay enough for temporary workers, which is why we are changing the way MSP and VMS fees are being distributed.

    • Streamline and improve scheduling operations and processes
    • Real-time visibility of filled, open and voided shifts
    • Eliminate the time spent with staffing vendor calls
    • Eliminate time spent on vendor contract negotiations, compliance checks, certifying, or understanding the vendor process


    • Increase communication among staff coordinators, clients, vendors and professionals
    • Simplified credentialing
    • Submit a staffing request ONE time to reach as many staffing vendors needed all at once
    • Track spend and volume of each vendor



    “Once I signed with Blackwell and told all my staffing vendors to go through them I’ve had at least 4 hours a week freed up.  The act as the best shield I could ever hope for, protecting me from having to weed out candidates, field calls from staffing vendors and allowing me to look at the candidates that are truly what we are looking for.  So not only did they free up my time, they also allow me start my hiring processes with 4 steps already completed.  I will never go back to the old way again.”

    Vickie Cruz, HR Director

    “Blackwell is the company I’ve been needing for a long time.  I didn’t realize that I was paying twice as much as I needed to and to be able to depend on them for more than just my healthcare needs is such a weight lifted off my shoulders.”

    Peter Pembrook, CEO

    “As the VP of a Staffing company I am always challenging my people to find new shifts for our stable of available providers.  Our goal is to keep them as busy as they want to be.  This was a full time job for multiple people until we found Blackwell.  Now with Blackwell’s list of easy choices I’m able to scale back on the people that look for shifts and put them in the market of finding more physicians.  Blackwell has truly opened up our revenue stream and given our providers more choices for shifts across the nation.”

    John Fivecoat, VP of Locum Tenens Placement


    Credentialing Support

    Our credentialing and re-credentialing processes are aligned with the NCQA, and adhere to the highest standards.

    Recruitment Outsourcing

    Screening quality candidates, streamlining talent acquisition and retention while also ensuring compliance with credentialing

    Vendor Management System

    Lower recruiting costs and decrease open position time by choosing Blackwell to manage your vendor process. 

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